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Biography of Eustacia Cutler

Eustacia Cutler PhotoThe mother of Temple Grandin, Eustacia Cutler, was a woman ahead of her time advocating for her autistic child in the 1950s. She is also accomplished in her own right.
A Harvard graduate and author of A Thorn In My Pocket, her book about raising Temple Grandin, Cutler is a former writer of school lessons for major TV networks. Her research created the script for two WGBH television documentaries: The Disquieted and The Innocents, a prize-winning first. She was also a New York City band singer at the Pierre Hotel and a cabaret composer.
Today, Cutler lectures nationally and internationally on autism and its relation to the rapidly emerging bio-neurological study of brain plasticity. She discusses what causes rigid behavior in autism, the toll it takes on the family and how current research in the neural nature of consciousness is pointing toward insightful possibilities of change.